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Exceptional Speaker – Mr. Armstrong Delivers an Inspiring Message of Authenticity and Individuality

We recently had the privilege of attending a commencement ceremony where Mr. Armstrong, a captivating speaker, delivered an awe-inspiring speech that left a lasting impact on everyone in the audience. His emphasis on authenticity and individuality resonated deeply with the diverse crowd, transcending age and cultural differences.

Mr. Armstrong’s message was a powerful reminder to always bring one’s authentic self into every situation, emphasizing the importance of confidence and self-improvement. His gift of “Confidence From Within,” a book offering a 60-day challenge to become a better version of oneself, further showcased his commitment to personal growth and empowerment.

What truly set Mr. Armstrong apart was his confident demeanor and command of the platform. His ability to engage the audience and leave us reflecting on our approach to each new day was truly remarkable. His message was not only inspirational but also practical, leaving everyone motivated to embrace their true selves and strive for continuous improvement.

In conclusion, we highly recommend Mr. Armstrong as a speaker for any event. His authenticity, charisma, and impactful message make him an excellent choice for inspiring and challenging audiences to reach their full potential. Thank you, Mr. Armstrong, for an unforgettable and transformative experience.

High School of Sports Management, Brooklyn, NY

Excellent Youth Summit

Arkevious didn’t hesitate when I asked him about speaking at our youth summit! He did an excellent job with the parent session as well as the youth session. He kept the parents and youth engaged during the sessions. He did an amazing job!

Cheryl Murdock

Graced and Chosen

Meeting Arkevious this weekend was nothing short of a blessing. His Me vs Me motto is nothing but the truth. Release, Let Go, and Grow! It’s all Necessary! He is truly a blessing to all who get to hear him and his testimony. He will truly make you look in the mirror for yourself. The choice is up to you!

Mikiko Boyd

Graced and Chosen

Meeting Arkevious this weekend was truly a blessing this weekend at MPulse Summit. His Me vs. Me motto is the truth! Change doesn’t happen until you decide to make the change! You have to make a decision for yourself that YOU no longer want the weight and drop it! Put the work in! You’re worth it!

Mikiko Boyd

God Can

For the last 10 years I have been taking care of my father. I have cried many nights because of the things I have been through with him. I also have a fiance and he has been going through as well, it seems that someone in his family was dying every 6 months. A year ago my doctor let me know of some serious conditions I’m going through physical but God can and he will take me through any situation.

Shatondra Williams


You say what’s in my head and put it into perspective I shed a few tears in the back lol re-evaluating my choices in life and how I can move foward he really gave me that push I needed to put things in motion definitely recommend


The Grace Given!!

Thank you for your testimony today it was life changing for. God gave me a platform for women healing hearts and minds, creating a safe space without judgement.

Thank you So Much!!
Monica Scales

Monica Scales


You say what’s in my head and put it into perspective I shed a few tears in the back lol re-evaluating my choices in life and how I can move foward he really gave me that push I needed to put things in motion definitely recommend



You say what’s in my head and put it into perspective I shed a few tears in the back lol re-evaluating my choices in life and how I can move foward he really gave me that push I needed to put things in motion definitely recommend



You say what’s in my head and put it into perspective I shed a few tears in the back lol re-evaluating my choices in life and how I can move foward he really gave me that push I needed to put things in motion definitely recommend



You say what’s in my head and put it into perspective I shed a few tears in the back lol re-evaluating my choices in life and how I can move foward he really gave me that push I needed to put things in motion definitely recommend


Me vs. Me

Arkevious and his team spoke to a group of high schoolers in North Carolina named as The Academy of Goal Achievers. The students were encouraged to learn who they are and never give up on their goals and dreams even if they do not have the support they may have expected from those around them. The students were both attentive and engaged; each noting the importance of positive connections with like minded individuals and being persistent in the pursuit of their own destinies. Regardless of the situations that will arise, “life is gonna keep life-ing” and we must be dedicated to never settling and never giving up!

Kristen Mims

Opening youths minds

I’ve had the pleasure of sitting with Arkevious several times this past year to listen to his story. This past Tuesday I witnessed young children break down during an assembly at school from hearing his testimony. It is touching, eye opening to see how his words affect these children. I am thankful that I was able to witness this event. It is crucial that you continue this journey to change the lives of these children. I am so glad and thankful that I got to meet Arkevious a year ago and now work with him to bring his message to our communities.

Sharon Williams

Thank You for coming. Quincy Teen Reach

Arkevious was awesome and full of energy. When he faced the students and staff and he had us affirm one another how much we need each other. It was powerful and very moving. He also effortlessly had the kids doing affirmations which is something we’ve recently started to implement in our program. He made it fun and exciting. Lastly the lesson he brings is always great and very informative. Thank you Arkevious on behalf of Teen Reach and Staff.



My team and I was so impressed by the speaker and his ability to engage and excite our Goal Achievers about self-advocating for themselves!

He was engaging, relatable and personable. Students took plenty of notes during session and received the tools and resources to navigate life successfully.

Courtnie Coble


Powerful presentation at the Becoming The Best You – Kansas City.
Touched the hearts and minds of the room.
His energy is electric!

Michelle Mras

Excepting your truth!

Arkevious is real! He doesn’t dance around the truth. I felt personally challenged to accept MY truth, own my mistakes. Stop carrying around the guilt, the shame, the labels put on me by others. Until I let go of those things, I can’t elevate into the things God has for me.

Laurie Goss

Breakthrough Speaker

Have you ever been somewhere and you heard everything that you not only wanted to hear but needed to hear? That is what happened when I heard Arkevious speak in Kansas City, Missouri August 2023. He said something on stage and it has rang in my ears ever since. He said “We are too attached to our past for us to move forward”. That quote resonated with me so much. Just months prior He helped me to have my breakthrough and now months later he helped me to have yet another breakthrough. If you have never heard him speak and share his story do yourself a favor and get to his next event. He won’t be hard to find because he is always booked and busy. Thank you for pouring your heart out on that stage like only you can.

Prentice Ahmad

Prentice Ahmad

Me vs. Me

Arkevious J. Armstrong is an incredibly powerful speaker that has a heart for moving people forward. He has a relatable story and an amazing way of connecting.

Cicone Prince

Ignited Powerful Change

Often times people stumble as they forge forward to achieve the successful and rewarding life they deserve and desire. If you have fallen and can’t figure out how to get up or if you’re stumbling forward I encourage you to fall into the arms of the message of this dynamic and powerful speaker. During the BTBY conference, Arkevious shared a riveting and compelling message that proverbially wrapped all of the attendees in the arms of encouragement, support, critical thinking, encouragement, power, love, and the kick in the pants that many of us need from day today to move forward. His message was thought provoking and compelled us to take action in the moment and for the rest of our lives. He did it for us and will do it for you. Connect with him today and forge forward to the success you and those you care about deserve.

Dr. Lotus Riche

Inspiration that makes you want to fly…..

Thank you from all the hearts touched at our aviation summer camp Mr. Armstrong. Your energy motivates everyone to overcome adversity, demonstrate discipline, and focus on quality output to the universe. you provide clear examples to bring out leadership skills in everyone by sharing experiences with an emphasis on acknowledgement of individual strengths and weaknesses.

See you again soon!

Shannon Brown


I was most inspired by the presentation, using T-shirts as props to demonstrate the whole luggage that many of us carry. The baggage of the past that weighs us down and keeps us from achieving your goals. Keeps us from being the people we are meant to be. And hinders our life and our growth. Very powerful message.

Sarah Bastin

Life Changing experience with Arkevious !

Arkevious literally wears his feelings on his “shirts” as he motivated us to move away from fear, shame ,pain and anger. He implored us to take action. He let us know that the battle was “Me vs Me” and no one else
I highly recommend Arkevious to speak at your next event!

Terrance Leftridge


Hello, I hope all is well with you !✨
It’s been a while since we last connected I believe last our last encounter was in 2019. However, I can definitely attest that your story still inspires me everyday to keep grinding & I am very grateful for what you continue to do!

– thank you , Niah T.

Niah T.

Great Motivational Speaker

Best Motivational speaker ever. Only the presenter I didn’t tune out!

Dev Shujon

Phenomenal Life Coach


Jouron Strong

Relatable Inspiration for Youth!

Mr. Armstrong’s session was dynamic! He made sure our scholars felt safe and that they all were valued in the space. They left his session empowered and ready to conquer their goals. We look forward to furthering our partnership with Cochrane Collegiate and iMeck Academy!

Randy B. Stitt

Relatable Inspiration for Youth!

Mr. Armstrong’s session was dynamic! He made sure our scholars felt safe and that they all were valued in the space. They left his session empowered and ready to conquer their goals. We look forward to furthering our partnership with Cochrane Collegiate and iMeck Acadmey!

Randy B. Stitt

Relatable Inspiration for Youth!

Mr. Armstrong is dynamic! He was able to connect with our high school scholars in a way in which they feel safe in as if they belonged. His goal setting session inspired them to step out and conquer all they were destined to achieve. We are grateful for his time, and look forward to his partnership with Cochrane Collegiate, and iMeck academy!

Randy B. Stitt

Everything Arkevious touches on Resonated with me

I have had Arkevious speak on 2 of my virtual events and have him coming to an in person live event next. I look for speakers to empower my followers and he never lets me down! He is just what becoming the best you needs! He lives by his teachings.

He teaches me something every time I hear him. I even interviewed him for our #BTBY TV Talk show. Not everyone makes the cut for that.

He is humble and real and engaging. He uses his past to fuel his future and teach others how to live a better life. He not only teaches it from the stage but in real life. He helped me through a hard few weeks of betrayal and helped me stay the best version of myself. He helped me to stay focused and not revert to the old me.

He teaches that in his sessions too. I can imagine anyone that uses him for a coach would be better for it!

I recommend him for any platform. He will preform at any level you need him to and is versatile in what he talks about.

Brenda Ring Wood

Nothing short of AMAZING

Ark is an amazing speaker with a wonderful gift to reach any crowd. When the crowd is busy Ark can captivate any audience and encourage any community ! Thank you so much for speaking such a powerful message !!

Kickin it with Dads Foundation

What it looks like not giving up

Arkevious made so many cool connections with the kids. I love the challenge working with the kids and holding their arms up to simulate working hard and dealing with unexpected issues. Overcoming those issues with the support of mentors and people who care. How cool is it that peer pressure wouldn’t let them give up. I truly enjoyed having him start off our Aviation career camp knowing that these kids could achieve anything and they were proving it already.

Brenda Robinson

Truly inspired

I’d been following Mr. Arkevious for a while and couldn’t wait to pack my teens from my youth group up to go hear him speak. Fortunately, he ended up bringing The Fight Within to us. The teens enjoyed every single minute of it and they all left inspired.

We decided to do the 8 week course a few weeks later and it was an even greater experience. Not only were the teens inspired but I, myself left with more tools and much more encouragement. He was able to connect with the teens on another level and his transparency made them feel inclined to open up.

Thank you for what you’re doing for the youth and others.

Jessica Burton

Accepting the mantle

As a woman of faith on a mission to fulfill calling, I find it very encouraging and inspiring to come across someone walking confidently and in their purpose. Watching Arkevious has motivated me to continue pressing in purpose fiercely. I believe our purpose is uncovered in pain and when we identify and step into it lives are changed, so I appreciate his transparency and sharing his story with all of us.

Much success and continued blessings to you!

Nekia Mba


I have to many words but awesome,inspiration, never gives up. I really appreciate you… We listen.. Keep it going

Tacarra Carroll

Becoming someone new

You’ve helped me realized that I have many distractions and that I also need to have time for myself. I need to focus on myself more instead of always worrying about others. You’ve also helped me realized that I need to be more confident in myself and don’t let people bring me down. So I want to say thank you! I am blessed to have had your advice and to learn new things for the future.

Emely Perez

Arkevious Armstrong, is a amazing Life Coach!

I would Like to take time to thank you for encouraging me to stay focus and got me on the right path. Not only have you been and awesome mentor to me but you have inspired me to mentor others. Thank you for being such a great role model not only to me but to others once again thank you Arkevious Armstrong.

Willie Bailey


As O went through a life of crime most of my life I understand the struggle it takes to make it out of that lifestyle. I’ve currently been working towards my masters degree and have ran across a lot of your content. I’d like to say I love the movement and the impact your making. You give people like me hope that they to can prevail so keep pushing and being that light for those who’ve went through challenges and letting them know they can overcome.

Antonio Ledbetter

A Ram In the Bush

When I was first introduced to this program for our son, I really didn’t know what it was going to be about. He’s not a troubled teen or get into trouble I just wanted him to have an outlet with other young teens his age and to make some friends.

When I say that Arkevious has been a man of his word from the beginning. I love how he pour into them and give them that tough love with honesty and if he tell them he’s going to do something, he keeps his word and do it. I don’t have any regrets about signing my son up for his mentoring program.

Arkevious, I know it may get hard and tough at times but keep P.U.S.H ING and God is going to expand your dreams and passion further than you could have ever imagined.

Thank you for your time that you dedicate to our young men.

Kendra Couch

What God has for you?

I was listen at one of his powerful message that this brother was given what God has for you is for you… I believe that God want to build our faith.. He want us to trust him and all our ways…
Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

Hebrews 11:1

Timothy Dunn

A Powerfully Present Help

Arkevious Armstrong continues to be an inspiration and motivating factor that I am blessed to come across each day. I was excited to purchase his powerful book, Confidence From Within: 60 Day Challenge, wherein Mr. Armstrong helps its readers navigate the waters of self-doubt and self-defeat. I appreciate his approach, which is tough when required, and gentle when needed. I admire his authenticity and his willingness to be transparent and vulnerable. Mr. Armstrong is able to use his voice as an instrument of comfort, admonishment, validation, and encouragement. As a licensed psychotherapist, I find a great deal of value in Mr. Armstrong’s ability to reach right to the heart of something I may have been going through on any given day; his ability to speak to my circumstances is profound. I look forward to continuing to follow the calling on his life. Thank you Arkevious!!

Shara Duncan


I say this humbly, I’m very proud of Arkevious!! I’ve seen with my own eyes where Arkevious started and where he is now. Arkevious has inspired me over the years when I really needed it. I highly suggest that you purchase his materials and book him at your next event.

Fred, Jr.


I say this humbly, I’m very proud of Arkevious!! Arkevious has made a big impact on my life over the years. I’ve seen with my own eyes where he has started and where he is now. I highly suggest that you grab his materials and also book him for your next event. -Fred, Jr.-

Fred Griffin, Jr.

Thank You

I have been a supporter of yours from day one. I’m so proud of how far you’ve grown over the years. I thank you for the motivation and encouragement I continue to get from you daily. You are such a great motivator! Many people including myself has made such progress with goals with your encouragement, suggestions and support. To see how much you have touched the youth in the community and surrounding areas has been a blessing. To know that when my (24) year old daughter passed away and you took time out of your busy schedule to support me and my family was greatly appreciated. I will never be able to express just how much your support meant during this difficult time in my life. I can never thank you enough. I pray that you continue to make a huge impact in the lives of many around the world. Thanks for all you do!

Donna Lutz

Giving Birth To A Miracle

I am a single Mom who has been Homeless but gave birth to a Miracle and She is My Daughter..Miracle Nevada McNair…My Daughter was 1pound and 10 ounces at Birth…The Doctors took her out of my womb at 27 weeks…because my fibroids were rapidly growing and she wasn’t…I had Pre-eclampsia…My Blood Pressure was about 230/180 and they had to do an emergency surgery to try to save the both of our lives…She was 4lbs when I brought her home from the hospital…She was perfectly well…no tunes, medications, no complications at all…She is my beautiful 11 years old Miracle baby…A little over 2 years ago…I lost everything and ended up homeless sleeping in my truck…from hotel to hotel, and at different friends place and I ended up being separated from my kids…that was the hardest thing I have ever faced but God brought us from the pit to the palace we are all living together again and God is truly blessing our lives…

Julia McNair

Transformed Opulence

I am so Godly proud of the man Mr.Inspire is today. I sit and watch on awe of what amazing things God is doing within and through him. I’m so happy he is allowing his life to make impacts on everyone he meets, shares his testimony with, and encourages. His books have left
Imprints on all of us. We all have been able to become stronger, wiser, and more capable
Of standing up for who and what we believe. Confidence within tells us how to mirror our lives in a way that God is pleased and we are successful. Failure happens but it what we do with it that matters. Thank you and I love you from the bottom of my heart. I can’t wait for my King to be in the room.

Tosha Forney

I first met Ark on

I first met Ark on Tierra Dionna live which is typically geared towards women. This particular week she had men. Ark came on and the audience of women with his energy and telling his story,

I immediately started following him. He was true to his word his posts are motivational and inspiring. He held an event here in Charlotte, NC which I attended. In person he is just as engaging with the youth that was there.

I look forward to seeing his post and will continue to follow his journey.

Donna Wright

First time hearing Ark

I first met Ark on a live with Tierra Dionna. He was engaging and his story and background captivated the audience. I immediately starting following him during the live. He provides valuable information, calls to action and is very active in the community. I attend his community event here in Charlotte NC. The audience were engaged his panel spoke from the heart.

His work with the youth is above the rest. I look forward to seeing his posts and seeing how he growing on his journey.

Donna Wright