Takeaway: In this post, I explain how your mindset and manifesting are deeply connected and will influence your level of success and why you're blocking yourself from manifestation.

  • Table of Contents
  • 1.Can We Manifest Anything We Want?
  • 2. Attitude Adjustment
  • 3. What is a Mindset Coach?
  • 4. Secret to Manifestation
  • 5. Three Tips on How to Manifest Success


First, let’s focus on the word “anything” which undoubtedly can stretch the imagination into a state of defiance or illogical reasoning. From this perspective, the answer is, it depends on what your wildest dreams are! However, if “anything” means in the deep context of your life and what you can mentally conceive of in terms of a desirable and loving relationship, a fulfilling career, material possessions, better health, then yes, this is absolutely possible! The idea of manifestation is not new. This idea, this truth of manifestation, has been written and spoken about for millennia. The concept that we can create anything is actually quite apparent in how far mankind has evolved from rubbing sticks together to create fire, to the incredible workings of technology and deep space exploration. We live in a world where most everything is available with just a few clicks of our fingertips on the computer, and we see images of our dream life all around us.

But why is it then that there are so many people not getting what they want or losing it when they do? We see more evidence of people feeling more unfulfilled and lost.


  • Books like Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain and The Secret by Rhonda Byrne helped bring law of attraction and manifesting into the mainstream of thought decades ago. And it has helped individuals understand that holding thoughts in a positive manner can attract into one's life their wildest dreams. However, we don't “attract”. Attraction in the definition of physics means “a force under the influence of which objects tend to move toward each other”. Understanding this definition is relevant since people often apply this meaning to the creating process. Manifestation cannot be forced. You can, however, align yourself into a better position that attunes you toward your desires, your big dreams. Now, in order to understand this better we need to go deeper into both the mind and the working of the brain. I promise, I won’t take you down a neurological or quantum jumping rabbit hole. We do, however, need to delve into more substantive things. Because manifestation works better with deep healing.


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An attitude is an expressive state, a learned behavior and can be either positive or negative. And since attitudes emerge from something learned, it can be difficult to permanently change it just by switching your thinking for a moment. How often have you heard, “just change your attitude”, “you have a bad attitude” “they need an attitude adjustment”. Attitudes are automatic responses to a feeling we get and can be highly visible to those around you and we learn this way of expression at an early age. The time when we start deeply programming our beliefs about ourselves as well as the world around us.

The expressions we project arise from our subconscious beliefs. And there is no hiding this expression.

We may think we are being discreet by putting on a poker face, smiling or nodding in agreement. However, neurologically we produce micro expressions that do not hide.  

“Facial expressions that occur within a fraction of a second. This involuntary emotional leakage exposes a person's true emotions.” Paul Elkman. Meaning our deep thoughts that runs the show will manage to seep through our armor. So how does attitude fit into manifesting? Well, those deep-seated thoughts are part of the subconscious mind and the subconscious mind is much more powerful than our conscious, logical mind.

These beliefs create a mindset which evokes an attitude. Because an attitude is more observable than a mindset, it is easier to identify when it is happening in another, or when someone calls it out on yours.

This observable state can give you an awareness to either make a real-time shift in the attitude you are experiencing to a better one or to start being aware of patterns in your life where your attitude is keeping you in a fixed state. A state that is limiting, rigid and protective.

By choosing to adjust your attitude, you will begin the process of changing your mindset, and your mindset matters. In a big way.

These beliefs create a mindset which evokes an attitude. Because an attitude is more observable than a mindset, it is easier to identify when it is happening in another, or when someone calls it out on yours.

This observable state can give you an awareness to either make a real-time shift in the attitude you are experiencing to a better one or to start being aware of patterns in your life where your attitude is keeping you in a fixed state. A state that is limiting, rigid and protective.

By choosing to adjust your attitude, you will begin the process of changing your mindset, and your mindset matters. In a big way.


There are many different kinds of coaching. Life coaches, health coaches, executive coaches, performance coaches, behavioral coaches, financial coaches and so forth. All of these specific categories are conducive for coaching to help support a person in that specific objective.

“Coaching has positive side effects on performance and skills, well-being, coping, goal-directed self-regulation, and work attitudes.” The Journal of Positive Psychology


Now consider that underlying all these coaching categories is the concept of how a person thinks and believes about themselves. A mindset and manifestation coach goes directly to this fundamental area of thought and helps reprogram the maladaptive thinking that has been playing in your mind for years, even decades.

Master your mindset and you’ll start mastering how you manifest your life. 

The mindset is a set of thought processes that determines a particular way of thinking, and this shapes how we see and specifically, how we filter the world.

In fact, Neuroscience has shown us that our brains are adaptable to change in remarkable ways.

Ways that work for you, instead of against you because the brain and the mind are interchangeable.

Knowing a little about how the brain operates is essential so that you don’t continue struggling to change limiting negative thoughts with more thoughts.  Understanding the operations of the mind (and a bit of neuroscience) will give you the playbook to change and control your thoughts, your attitude and your behavior.


You will understand this if you’ve experienced automatic negative thinking such as “I’m an idiot” “What's the point?” “it’s my fault” “I’m a terrible person” and tried to stop the belief on demand, only to keep hearing the same thoughts time and time again.

Mindset coaching focuses on identifying these automatic thoughts that are embedded in the subconscious and reprogramming them to work for you, not against you.

It’s about getting you to adjust the neural network of thought that is keeping you in the loop that is preventing you from moving towards and getting what you want.  In addition, this is work that is beneficial regardless of the platform used in learning.  “Virtual and in-person coaching are equally effective” - Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology


Centuries ago, these were secrets. Embedded in metaphors, stories, rituals, codes and spoken words of traditions. The wonderful news is that these are no longer secrets.

Manifestation techniques have been written in hundreds (if not thousands) of books, it’s taught in courses and neuroscience has provided explanations of the mechanics into how this works.

Then why is it that so many are still struggling to manifest their dreams?  Well, the problem lies in both the mechanics of the brain and the mind.

It’s not about will power.It’s not about continuously repeating positive affirmation.It’s not about performing specific rituals. It’s about getting your brain chemistry balanced and changing the limiting beliefs in your deep subconscious programming.


The reason that a balanced brain chemistry is important is that oftentimes a person wanting to manifest is at a place in their life where they may be feeling lack, feeling stuck and down, thinking that they are unlucky or that the odds are stacked against them.  Fortunately, this doesn't need to be a permanent state because the brain can be reprogrammed out of this negative and a limiting state.

 “The human species was given this tremendous gift of neuroplasticity, the ability to change ourselves and be better in deliberate ways. And my definition of greatness is anyone that’s making that effort, even in a tiny way, just to take this incredible machinery that we were given — this nervous system — and to leverage it toward being better, feeling better, and showing up better for other people.”  Dr. Andrew Huberman, Neuroscientist

When a person is in this state for an extended period of time, this place of thinking will start to inhibit motivation. Negative thinking takes hold and efforts to consciously think positive, think better, becomes harder and harder to sustain.

The negative thinking, the bad attitude, the frustration and self-defeating thoughts take hold, more frequently and for longer periods of time. Eventually, over-time this way of thinking just becomes who we are. It becomes our identity.

Balancing the brain to operate better helps build motivation,  helps sustain focus and can support new and improve thinking.  How? A number of ways from improving diet, exercise, eliminating excessive use of social media, to improving sleep quality

In her book Dopamine Nation, Psychiatrist, Anna Lempke writes about the importance of balancing the areas of pleasure and pain in the brain in methods of dopamine fasting for neuroadaptation.

What does that mean? It means not always choosing pleasure and reward like excessively playing video games, drinking alcohol or eating sweets to feel better or to avoid a task.

It means changing behaviors to help the brain calibrate to a healthier way of functioning for optimum dopamine release.

As the brain gets into a healthier state, then the work on changing the negative core beliefs (the mental state) can more easily get in sync. As opposed to trying to make subconscious shifts while the brain keeps you in a depressed or anxious mode because of on-going behaviors.

When you operate from a healthier brain by changing unhealthy behaviors and then incorporate the tools to eliminate thinking at the subconscious level, you will undoubtedly make mindset shifts that will attune your personal state to a manifesting mindset state.


  1. Be very clear on what it is you want and eliminate self-doubt or the “how” of making it happen. Oftentimes we focus on things that we think will make us happy or make life less stressful but right behind that thought comes all the reasons why it can’t happen. That’s when the next step comes in.

  2. Feel as if you already have the thing you want or you are living the life you want. (This is much different than wishing or hoping!) It's using your imagination at such a level where you are thinking from already having it and not thinking about getting it. Enter into this feeling state when you are very relaxed, as being in a meditative state.

    Once in that relaxed feeling state, go beyond that thought and imagine others around talking and interacting with you, congratulating or thanking you!

  3. Don't force this. It's important to be playful and have a feeling of ease and relaxation.  A quick way of getting into this state is to smile which helps create the necessary feeling state. This simple technique works because it's difficult to be negative when you're smiling.

If you find yourself continually struggling to get incredible results in your life or feel like you have hit rock bottom, dive deeper into those limiting beliefs to get you unstuck from mental blocks you may not notice holding you back.

Subconscious beliefs are extremely powerful and will hold on to patterns of negative thought that will prevent you from living your best life.

The truth to understand is,

 “You do not attract what you want. You attract who you are." Vishen Lakhiani 


Now you know the basics on the mechanics of the mind and manifestation practice,

Do you struggle with manifestation or self-worth?

What has been your experience with the manifestation process or when working with a manifestation coach?

Let me know in the comments below!

Stay focused, stay humble and grounded. Trust in due time people will see the truth just like you did.